“thank you, thank you, thank you hammered heart foundation!! your generous donation of a stunning 5ct hammered heart pave diamond necklace for the live auction at our christmas benefit brought in $12,000 to our ministry! these funds go a long way in helping us provide 24/7 care free of charge to hurting young women from all across the united states struggling with life-controlling issues like eating disorders, addictions, self-harm, unplanned pregnancy and sexual abuse, including victims of sex trafficking. lives are literally being saved and hope is being restored because of your amazing contribution!”

nancy alcorn
founder and president of Mercy Multiplied

“i am not sure that you remember me, but i was moved to the front row at the joyce meyer conference in arizona. i turned to thank you and you were gone. i have come to the conclusion that God sent an angel to me that day. YOU! i have struggled with my faith and feel as though my soul has been ripped out of my body. when you told me you were out of a 27-year marriage and that it was time for me to find my worth, i choked. i kept saying to myself, “how does she know,” but it was all God!

i have been in an abusive marriage for 26 –years.  one day in october, i finally woke up after many years of sadness and no self worth and so much guilt for my two boys having to be subjected to the abuse, seeing their father treat me and them in such a way, i left! i was raised mormon and stayed because i didn’t want to hear the “i told you so’s”. God has a plan for me and i know it is to help women in my situation, to get them out before it is too late, and to share my story and bring them to our Father. all i asked God that weekend was to restore my faith and He totally did it through sending you to me. overwhelming joy and love poured out of you and i truly felt it. thank you!

you are doing great works and i pray that someday i can help those that need it and that i will be able to heal. i know God can do all things and He took me out of that mess. i left everything and now live in a tiny apartment with my two boys and finally feel safe. i don’t have much but yet i feel like i have everything! again, thank you for being in tune with God that day. you changed my life and i now have another favorite verse with Ezekiel 36:26. i look forward to the removal of my heart of stone and my new spirit and heart of flesh. God bless and thank you so much!”


a hammered heart

my story

“my longtime boss and friend for 45 years recently went to a golf weekend fundraiser for childhelp in palm desert.  i had been married for 37 years and with no prior notice, or even knowledge of my husband’s discontent in our marriage, i was left with a note on my kitchen counter saying my husband had reconnected with a high school girlfriend at a recent reunion and was leaving me for her.  you can imagine the devastation i faced after a long and what i thought happy marriage, raising two beautiful daughters and now enjoying a precious baby granddaughter.

my boss asked judy, who chaired the event for childhelp, about the items that were being offered in the live auction.  when he was told the story of the diamond pave heart that was given to be auctioned, he realized our stories were similar.  hammer heart foundation was started because of a woman who went through a heartbreaking divorce herself and her desire was to help other women who have gone through the devastation of divorce.  he purchased the heart for me, and i can’t begin to tell you what it means to me.  first of all, realizing i have someone in my life who cares about me enough to do this is amazing.  he is a wonderful, generous man.  secondly, i wear the necklace every day and it empowers me to go on and realize what a strong, fabulous woman i am, and that i am capable of achieving anything i want.  every time i touch it, i feel blessed.  thank you!”


“when my pastor handed me an envelope one wednesday evening, he stated that someone had made a donation to the church and had requested the monies go to divorced women with children.  i didn’t know quite what to think.  i was astounded that someone would send money to our church with such a specific request and for someone in my particular situation?  he didn’t let me know who my benefactor was, but only said, “i think you’ll find this to be rather timely…”  i couldn’t open it until i was by myself at home… and again, i was astounded.

what did i do with the contents of that envelope?  i thanked God!!  i then gave a portion back to my church, went to the grocery store and filled my pantry, took my sons shopping for much needed winter clothes, and scheduled a root canal for a nagging toothache… something i had put off month after month because i didn’t have the money.  yes, it was timely.  i had lost a part-time job in the summer that had helped pay for such things.  the month prior to when this envelope was given to me, i had spent all that i had saved from the last of that income.

i am so grateful to learn this gift was from you.  hammered heart foundation, you helped me so much the night i received that envelope.  financially – what an incredible blessing!  thank you so much!  as you have read – you helped my family so very much and sometimes i feel like “thank you” seems like such a small way to let you know just how much you helped me.  it’s so much more.   more importantly, you have helped me to better understand the refuge God offers to all people, even me, the twice-divorced over-40 mother of three sons.  sometimes my head gets the better of me and leads me down a path of worthlessness and failure.  i tell myself that i don’t fit anywhere – all my friends are  married.  i tell myself that i’m simply not good enough, didn’t do enough, didn’t try enough.  i know that these are all lies from a pit of despair – but they dampen my spirit at times.  i have developed such a tough outer layer over the past years leading up to my second divorce, rarely will anyone see a tear.  i don’t want people to see my pain, my cry and desire to just be loved and to be able to love.  i give these pleas to God usually when i am feeling at my worst.  my needs i give to God as well, as i’m too prideful, terrible to admit it but I will, to ask anyone for help.  but hammered heart foundation, by acting on the desire that God placed in your heart to provide assistance to women wounded through divorce, have helped me when i’ve been too proud to ask anyone but God for help.  you are an answer to prayers only prayed to Him and the realization that yes, God does hear even my pleas and my cries and my voice.  you have been a part of growing me into a faithful believer who knows He does answer prayers.  i am learning that He wants to be my Provider.  He wants to be my Strength.  He wants to be my Protector.  i’m still working on allowing Him these things… i must believe and trust that He will not let me down.  He will not let me go.  He will not leave me because He loves me with a true love.

“blessed be the Lord, because He has heard the voice of my supplications!  the Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in Him, and i am helped; therefore my heart greatly rejoices, and with my song i will praise Him.”  Psalms 28:6-7

“Your love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on me…”  one thing remains by passion.”