hammered heart foundation partnering ministries

for me, the best way i can facilitate getting funds into the hands of women who are struggling to make ends meet, is to go through other 501c3 ministries.  a while ago i was out running errands in los angeles and got a flat tire. as I was sitting in the dealership waiting for the tire to be fixed, i kept thinking how blessed i was that i could afford to pay for the new tire without a thought, it was simply an inconvenience.  but what about the mother with a car full of children who is struggling to get food on the table every night.  a simple flat tire could be catastrophic and put her back months or leave her without a vehicle. that flat tire was one of the best things that happened to me. i got busy setting up endowments through ministries so women can be helped in times of need.  with each heart and products that are sold, more of these women can be helped. 

here are some of the ministries that are working with hammered heart: